Useful artisan commands#

Agorakit provides some useful artisan commands :

  • agorakit:checkmailbox Check the configured email imap server to allow post by email functionality
  • agorakit:cleanupdatabase Cleanup the database, delete forever soft deleted models and unverified users older than 30 days
  • agorakit:convertfiles Convert the files from the old flat path based storage to the new storage, putting back their initila filename and moving the file to public directory. Use this once if you already have files on your install and if your install is older than november 2016.
  • agorakit:convertfolderstotags Convert all folders to the new tag based system. Add the tags represneting parent folder to each file
  • agorakit:deletefiles Delete files from storage after 30 days of deletion in database
  • agorakit:export Export a group to a zip file (work in progress)
  • agorakit:import Import a group from an Agorakit export zip file (work in progress)
  • agorakit:populatefilesize Set filesize in the files table using real filesize from the filesystem. Use this if you installed agorakit before november 2017
  • agorakit:sendnotifications Sends all the pending notifications to all users who requested it. This might take time. Call this frequently to avoid trouble
  • agorakit:sendreminders Sends all reminders to participants who asked for it - call exactly every 5 minutes, no more, no less :-)


Most of those commands are already used by the cron job, so they don't need to be called manually. But they might be useful for debugging and development.