Provide external authentification to Agorakit#

You can provide facebook, google, twitter and/or github authentication to your users.

This feature is a work in progress, help is highly welcome.

To do so, get a client id, a client secret from each provider you want to use. Those are a string of characters you need to put in your .env file

Agorakit will automatically put the links on the login and registration page for each provider when [PROVIDER]_ID is set

  • For Twitter go to :
  • For Facebook, go to:
  • For Github go to
  • For Google go to :

It's a bit of a pain to find where to get the client_id and client_key, so good luck :-)

You also need to set [PROVIDER]_URL to http[s]://[yourdomain]/auth/[provider]/callback for each provider, in your .env file