Setup inbound emails#


Inbound email support is experimental but in use on several instances. You might experience bugs, please report them if it happens to your installation.

This additional step allows you to have one mailbox for each group so members can post by email to create discussions and reply to discussions emails to create new comments.

  • You need an email address on server with imap. It must either be a catch all on a subdomain (or even on a domain) or a server supporting "+" addressing (gmail for example allows this).
  • You need the php imap extension -Configuration happens in your .env

Let's say you installed Agorakit on :

  • Create a catchall mailbox on *
  • Edit your .env file and add/define the following settings:
# Inbox mail box server settings, use for incoming emails.
# Set INBOX_DRIVER to null to disable this feature

  • You need to set server to imap
  • Then fill imap server host, username and password
  • Then you need to fill prefix and suffix. Two cases there :

For a catch all there is no prefix. The suffix in the above example would be . This will create emails like

On the other hand if you use "+" addressing (a gmail box for instance, let's call it,

  • prefix will be agorakit+
  • suffix will be

Wich create emails like

If you enable inbound email, the mailbox will be automatically checked and processed email will be put in a "processed" folder under INBOX. Failed emails will be similarly put a "failed" folder under INBOX for inspection.