Using Agorakit#

Start discussions#

Each group allows one to create discussions. Within discussions and comments, you can use a special syntax to reference existing files and discussions, and mention users.

  • Just start typing @ to mention someone (autocomplete appears)
  • Type f: to link to a file ( a dropdown appear with recent uploaded files)
  • Type d: to link to a discussion.

You may also directly attach a file to a discussion. Use the "Browse..." button below the discussion form to upload a file from your computer, attach it to the group, and mention it in the discussion in one go.

Schedule events#

Each group has a calendar where you can add actions/events. You just need to set a start date and time, and an optional duration. If no duration is set, it is assumed to be 1 hour.

You can add file to groups directly in the files tab. Just upload one or more files, add some tags for organization. As explained above, you can also directly attach files to comments and discussions.

Categorize content using tags#

Tags (aka Labels) are very important to organize your content. You can tag anything in Agorakit (files, users, discussions, groups, actions). Group admins can either choose to use freeform tagging (anyone can choose any tag) or restrict the tags you can use in each group (more like github labels for example).

Once content is tagged, it can be found as a simple overview page, showing all tags and showing all content attached to a particular tag. Great to have a big overview of your groups.

Last step : profit !#

(or in some cases, revolution!)