Welcome to Agorakit's documentation!#

Agorakit is an open source and web based groupware for collectives to communicate, organize events and store their files. It keeps everyone in your collaborative group updated with a discussion forum, agenda for events, file manager and email notifier.

And most of the time Agorakit doesn't need an admin, keeping the process as horizontal as possible.

Trying Agorakit without installing it#

If you want to try Agorakit without installing it, go to https://app.agorakit.org, create an account there and create or join some groups.

Administrator guide#

If you want to install, update or configure Agorakit, go to "Installation & config.

Group administrator guide#

If you are a group administrator on an new installation of Agorakit looking for help, check the quickstart.

User guide#

If you are group member looking for help, check the user guide.


If you are a developper looking for ways to contribute (great!), check the developper guide.